Abstract: The magnetic field is a field that is formed by moving electrical charges (electric current) which cause emergence of force in an electric charge that moves. Near all object that characteristic of metal can be pulled by a magnet. The part of magnetic field can penetratebuild, trees and the other object. Solenoid is a wire that can generate a magnetic field. Some research done to calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field in the solenoid. This research is an analytic study that analyzes the distribution of the magnetic field in the solenoid. It uses Matlab to generate different images later in the analysis of the distribution of the magnetic field on the drawing. The conclusion of this research is there is magnetic flux lines adjacent filed and straight. The distance between all the lines are actually the same. Outside the solenoid, magnetic flux lines open to the outside and closed to form a closed loop elongated. Magnetic flux density on the solenoid is thus much greater than outside of them.
Keyword: Magnetic field, Solenoid
Penulis: Kukuh Dwi Sudharma, Sudarti Sudarti, Rif’ati Dina Handayani
Kode Jurnal: jpfisikadd160392

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