Pemurnian Hasil Cair Pirolisis sampah plastik pembungkus dengan Distilasi Batch

Abstract: Plastics waste has become a major issue for environment. Since it invented in 1907 plastic has become mostused component on our daily lives. Plastic has many adavantages compared to other materials. In general plastic has a low density, light, varying strength and low manufacturing cost. However, plastic cannot degraded naturally and when not used anymore it will pollute the enviroment. One of method to degrade plastic is pyrolysis. In this method plastic will degrade to hydrocarbon which can used as liquid fuel. Pyrolysis of plastic occurs at high temperature of about 400oC under free oxygen environment and produces smallmoleculer weight molecules. This research was conducted to determine the composition products of pyrolysisselective plastic at 450oC in previous research. The method which used to separate products of pyrolysis isdistillation with temperature between 50oC to 240oC to obtain liquid fuel as products of pyrolysis plastic. The results of this research were the distillate at 170oC, 190oC, 200oC, 210oC, 220oC and 240oC with volume 2 mL, 4,7 mL, 2,3 mL, 2,5 mL, 5,0 mL and 4,9 mL. And the most products component of pyrolysis plastic in previous research was obtain at 190oC, 220oC and 240oC.
Keywords: Pyrolysis, Plastic, Liquid fuel, Distillation, Environment
Penulis: Siti Salamah, Agus Aktawan
Kode Jurnal: jpkimiadd150618

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