Abstract: In various place at Indonesia, the problem concerning mine workings with people potentially trigger some con?lict. This con?lict will be manifest and make the corporate collapse. PT. Batubara Ombilin is not an exception, that have been in the prosperity from colonial era till Orde Baru era is also fall down. The fall of government enterprises followed by the in?lux of people in mining activity, which is known by a variety of forms such tambang rakyat, tambang tanpa izin and tambang liar. Since reformation era, there is a lot of change in mining world. People who only been a spectator become miner. The mining district claimed by the corporate, step by step become tambang rakyat. Con?licts can’t be avoid, lots occur at mining concession. Mining corporate can’t confront the amount of people power, with the result that tambang rakyat spread their invasion into corporate mine district. PT. Batubara Ombilin is one of the mining that in the end taken by people.
Key words: Tambang, Dominasi, Negara, Rakyat dan konflik
Penulis: Zaiyardam Zubir & Zulqayyim
Kode Jurnal: jpsosiologidd140562

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