NELAYAN VS RENTENIR - Studi Ketergantungan Nelayan terhadap Rentenir pada Masyarakat Pesisir

Abtract: The dept and moneylender phenomenon is a problem on ?ishing communities in Indonesia today. Moneylenders and ?ishing has become an integral part. Most of ?ishermen in Indonesia trapped in the vortex of debt to moneylenders as vicious circle that can’t be disconnected. Once they are dealing with a loan shark then lifetime will continue to be pursued and wrapped debt, due to the fact that the interest charged is very high even up to 20-40 percent. So that the nominal amount of debt continues to increase and even not in accordance with the amount of income they get. This paper outlines the ?ishermen being stuck rentenis and efforts should be made to break the chain of being stuck to the loan shark ?ishing in accordance with local knowledge.
Kata kunci: Nelayan, Rentenir, Pemberdayaan
Penulis: Delmira Syafrini
Kode Jurnal: jpsosiologidd140566

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