ABSTRACT: This paper aimed to explore the employment dynamic of organik faming system in Sragen Regency, Central Java. Analysis base on primary and secondary data of the research about farmer empowerment in organic farming 2010. Data showed that there are no different employment of wages, education, working time and sex in organic farming with non organic farming. Wages on organic farming around Rp20. 000/day/ person, with two time eat and working time between 7:00 until14:00. There are three type of working relationship in organic farming that are daily worker, borongan and rewangan. Both man and woman have significant role on organic farming system. Organic farmers declare that organic farming more benefit than non organic farming, because there are the same quantity of harvest but the higher price. The difference of price between organic and nonorganic rice is around Rp500/kg. Organic farming  trouble usually happens in the first planting, because the quantity of harvest decrease and the market of rice still difficult. The quantity of harvest will stabil and similar with non organic farming system after three years planting.
Keywords: employment dynamic, organic farming, Sragen regency
Penulis: Ngadi
Kode Jurnal: jpsosiologidd110167

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