ABSTRACT: This article reviews corruption cases that are associated with natural resources management, especially in accessing and utilizing common property resources in Indonesia. A crucial fact about to highlight in this article is corruption case in natural resource. This article applies social-ecological systems (SES) framework to deliver a clear roadmap for incorporating more ecological or natural characteristics into studies that explores linkage social and legal systems. The framework therefore considers how problems are deļ¬ned and how action and policy are formulated to deal with these problems. This article studies macro data in National level, the law on natural resource and environment in Indonesia where the case is occurred in West Pasaman. The case in West Pasaman is the evidence based. The data is gathered by interviewing local people who live around palm plantations in West Pasaman. Thus, this article is also linked with Indonesian regulation about environment and natural resources. Corruption in the context of managing common property resources brings many disadvantages to community and State because it will lead to the scarcity of resources. Overall, eradicating corruption is not only on the hands of community or private sectors, but also needs active involvement from government and policy-makers as the main stakeholders.
KEYWORDS: Corruption, Natural Resources Management, Common Pool Resources
Penulis: Lengga Pradipta
Kode Jurnal: jpsosiologidd160140

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