The Performance of Boolean Retrieval and Vector Space Model in Textual Information Retrieval

Abstract: Boolean Retrieval (BR) and Vector Space Model (VSM) are very popular methods in information retrieval for creating an inverted index and querying terms. BR method searches the exact results of the textual information retrieval without ranking the results. VSM method searches and ranks the results. This study empirically compares the two methods. The research utilizes a sample of the corpus data obtained from Reuters. The experimental results show that the required times to produce an inverted index by the two methods are nearly the same. However, a difference exists on the querying index. The results also show that the number of generated indexes, the sizes of the generated files, and the duration of reading and searching an index are proportional with the file number in the corpus and the file size.
Keywords: Boolean Retrieval, Vector Space Model, Information Retrieval, Inverted Index, Querying Index, Corpus
Author: Budi Yulianto, Widodo Budiharto, Iman Herwidiana Kartowisastro
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg170010

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