Optimization of Healthy Diet Menu Variation using PSO-SA

Abstract: Optimal healthy diet in accordance with the allocation of cost needed so that the level of nutritional adequacy of the family is maintained. The problem of optimal healthy diet (based on family budget) can be solved with genetic algorithm. The algorithm particle swarm optimization (PSO) has the same effectiveness with genetic algorithm but PSO is superior in terms of efficiency, PSO algorithm has a lower complexity than genetic algorithm. However, genetic algorithms and PSO have a problem of local optimum because these algorithm associated with random numbers. To overcome this problem, PSO algorithm will be improved by combining it with simulated annealing algorithm (SA). Simulated annealing algorithm is a numerical optimization algorithms that can avoid local optimal. From our results, optimal parameter for PSO-SA are popsize 280, crossover rate 0.6, mutation rate 0.4, first temperature 1, last temperature 0.2, alpha 0.9, and generation size 100.
Keywords: PSO, SA, optimization, variation, healthy diet menu
Author: Imam Cholissodin, Ratih Kartika Dewi 
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg170005

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