Decision Support Systems for The Determination of Cattle with Superior Seeds using AHP and SAW Method

Abstract: Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of Semarang District is an institution in charge of livestock and animal health. Basically the Animal Husbandry Department has provided standardization for quality livestock cattle with superior seeds that usually can be judged or measured by various criteria.They are weight, age and value of BCS (Body Condition Score).They needed a system that could help the Department of Livestock and Fisheries of Semarang District in determining the electoral process cattle with superior seeds.  In this research, the manufacture of Decision Support Systems in the determination cattle with superior seedsis using a combination of two methods is Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Simple Addictive Weighting (SAW). In AHP will perform an importance value calculation criteria that will be paired up with an alternative to the SAW the next process is the sum of the weight from performance rating of all the attributes to each alternative, a ranking conducted to determine the result of cattle with superior seeds. Suggestions on this system, can be developed further by combining other methods to determine the recommendation that more effective.
Keywords: decision support systems, cattle, superior seeds, analitical hierarchy process, simple addictive weighting
Author: Clarissa Amanda Josaputri, Endang Sugiharti, Riza Arifudin
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg160027

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