Abstract: Research support healthy infants selection decision at Army Hospital TK IV Bukittinggi in order to design decision support applications election of healthy infants at Army Hospital TK IV Bukittinggi where the electoral process is a long healthy baby is still done manually. The method used in the development of this application is the Iteration methodology includes four phases namely planning stage consists of observation, interviews, library research. The analysis stage composed of DFD, process specifications, process analysis, analysis of output, input analysis, data analysis and requirements analysis. Design stage data flow diagram (DFD), Entity relationship diagram (ERD) and flowchart (flowchart) and implementation. The conclusion that can be drawn by the authors is with their application decision support healthy babies this election, then the process pemelihan healthy infants do better for the future.
Keywords: Decision Support Systems; Healthy Babies Election; Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL
Penulis: Yulia Jihan Sy
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170191

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