Abstract: CV. Dwi Star is a company engaged in the field of importers of stationery, such as a stapler, cash box, stick note, binders swing clip, calculator, and others. Stationery has various brands, such as Eagle, Phoenix, Pronto, Retype, Fastener Pentel, and others. The goods were shipped from abroad, with prices following the dollar exchange rate, so that the sales price is uncertain (unstable). Is currently marketing the product on the company's CV. Dwi Star conducted by a salesman. Salesman has a dual role in his work, that salesman not only did the ordering of products but also offer the products, finding new customers, and collect debts. Salesman will going around in various area in Indonesia (except Papua). The process of roving salesman in one area takes one week to three weeks. In the process, salesmen will offer their products by bringing a catalog that contains information on products. Confirmation of payment is only be completed by a salesman and a customer, and then salesmen will confirm it to the current company admin after the salesman back to the company. It creates opportunities to cheat by the salesman. In connection with these problems, it is proposed Operational Information System Design Based Salesman Android that can be taken anywhere. The salesman operational applications provide useful product information to assist in the search speed of goods and prices thats up to date, can order the products, the addition of new customers, and displays a list of customer billing sent by e-mail to admin.
Keywords: Information systems, Salesman, Android
Penulis: Tri Evania Sugito
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160688

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