Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Workflow Pelaporan Pemakaian Spare Part pada PT. Rukina Sukses Abadi

Abstract: Logistic department is one of department at PT. Rukina Sukses Abadi that supports the company's operations by managing the spare parts of the ship and one of the outputs of this department is a report on the procurement of spare parts. When logistic department is experiencing delays in making reports procurement of spare parts and provide reports to the purchasing section, it can hinder the performance of the ship because the ship had to wait for new spare parts needed by the vessel, so the company could suffer losses owing to ships that do not work.
Thus, the solution to solve the problem is creating a web-base application of workflow report of the use of spare parts which can be used to process data usage, demand and receipt of spare parts, as well as generate the information needed for the procurement of spare parts and data information report spending spare parts. The method used to solve the problem is with the waterfall method stages sysem requirements, software requirements, analysis, program design, coding, testing, and operations.
The results of research that has been done to produce applications that can perform calculations of data usage and demand for spare parts and then give a warning notification to the logistics. Applications are made to generate reports memorandum procurement of spare parts and expense reports per period by month and year requested.
Keywords: Applications, Workflow, Use, Waterfall, Spare
Penulis: Pebriantono
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160631

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