Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Penjualan dan Pembelian Pada UD. TIRTA SAMUDRA

Abstract: UD. Tirta Samudra is a distributor of bottled mineral water sales in the Lamongan city. The company's activities currently include sales, purchases, sales returns and purchase returns. Each of the company's activities there is the process of adding the stock as well as a reduction in the stock of goods. As a result of the high activity contained in the company, the stock of goods in warehouses often run out of stock. Stocks are depleted on the warehouse can disrupt the activities of the company.The solution to the problem, created a system that can be used tostore and process data sales and purchase company. The solution in the form of sale and purchaseapplication. applications made tailored to the needs of the company. Data sales and purchases are stored and processed by the system to generate reports that conform to the needs of the company. Conclusion The results of trials that have been conducted, sale and purchase application can generate five (5) reports that can be used as a leader for evaluation. In this application, there is areminder of the stock of goods to be discharged when the sales transaction on goods that have a critical stock.
Kata Kunci: sale, purchase, application
Penulis: Muhammad Muzamil Indra Cahya
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160635

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