Abstract: PT Goldfindo Intikayu Pratama is a company who works in furniture field. The company’s production is based on the customer orders. The average of the company’s transaction reaches about 3000 products, yet 31% of them delayed. It is caused by several things, which are the absence of scheduling method, the machine’s functions are not optimized yet by the company, and also order data recording with production scheduling are not integrate yet. Based on problem occurred can be solved that PT Goldfindo need an application that can compare four methods of scheduling. The four methods are EDD, FCFS, SPT and LPT. The comparison of methods is aimed to get the best method that will be used by the company for scheduling. Based on the test results of the applications that have been created, this application can solve problems that occur by means of optimizing the use of existing machines, integrating record data customers reservation with production scheduling, and also give an methods that can be compare to produce the best methods. this is supported by the application's result is about 96% which means that the application is feasible to use, and the user trial results are about 91% which means that this application can be accepted by the company.
Keywords: Application, Production Scheduling, PT Goldfindo Itikayu Pratama
Penulis: Andri Saputro
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160719

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