Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Pengolahan Nilai Rapor dengan Menggunakan Kurikulum 2013 di SMK Negeri 1 Cerme

Abstract: Processing value of final report in SMK Negeri 1 Cerme should be based on the curriculum of 2013. Problem that occurs is that every teacher must learn the value of charging too much and more difficult than the previous curriculum. There are subjects where the values of knowledge consists of the daily value, midterm exam and final exams. The second value is a skillthat consists of the value of the practice, the value of the project and the value of the portfolio, andthe last value is attitude that consist of the value of observations, self-assessment, peer assessmentand the value of the journal.. After having the value of knowledge, skills and attitude then dochecking on the value of the minimum completeness criteria, if the value is in compliance thencalculated the ledger value from all values. After the interval values are converted according to standards that have been defined on the SMK, which will be obtained predicate value and thevalue of the description.With the application for processing the value of report cards, is expected value will be arranged neatly, and can control the value easily, because there will be a notification regarding the value has not been entered. The headmaster also facilitated in monitoring development of value each lesson. While students will also easy to see the value they get fromteaching and learning activities at this time.
Keywords: Final Report, Curiculum of 2013, SMK Negeri 1 Cerme
Penulis: Muhammad Ramzi
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160722

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