Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Pembelajaran dengan Metode Drill and Practice Berbasis Android di SMA Al-Falah Ketintang

Abstract: Al-Falah high school is one of the flagship high school in Surabaya. SMA Al-Falah Ketintang execute a method called drill exam questions national (unas). Methods drill problems run Al-Falah Ketintang high school is one way to deal with the achievement of value unas in middle school hours. This method is done manually using a computer answer sheet, and carried out within 3 months. In running drill these matters School having some problems such as: lack of time of application of the method of drilling problems, the use of the system is still manual causes the resulting information is static and does not provide actual information, and the lack of information needed teachers to monitor drill application development matters. To overcome some of these constraints, built a D-SMART learning application that has the function of delivering exercises, notification of new exercises. In addition to knowing the achievement of student performance D-SMART produce something like the graph delivery exercises, the results of exercises in realtime, and motivation based on a standard value is achieved. D-SMART can help the implementation of drilling exercises to the fullest and help overcome the obstacles that arise in the implementation process.
Keywords: Learning, Drill and Practice, D-SMART, Android-Based Learning
Penulis: Ardo Yoga Pratama
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160767

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