Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Pelayanan Dan Rekam Medis Calon Tenaga Kerja Indonesia Pada AL-HUDA MEDICAL CENTER

Abstract: There are five main problems found in the AL-Huda Medical Cente, they are: (1) all data reports consisting of registration to medical record database is still in paper-based documents, (2) theregistration number is processed manually, (3) there is no barcode in health certificate, (4) specimen is labelled using handwriting (5) registration report, medical record, form, and film paper is done manually in terms of calculation and writing. The solution offered for the aforementioned problems is developing a web-based application which is able to manage service process, medical record, and report. Furthermore, this application provides health certificate which fulfills the standardization of the destination country of CTKI. This application also offers the more accurate reports compared topaper-based documentation. The design method that used in this matter is UML based ICONIX Process. Based on the results of the test conducted using blackbox-testing method on this application,the application has met the criteria of administration need of data record registration process and medical record, health certificate publication, and the report which fulfills management needs.
Keywords: Prospective Indonesian Migrant Worker, medical record, reporting, web based
Penulis: Hilmy Nur Ramdhani
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160636

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