Abstract: CV. Azaria is a company engaged in manufacturing furniture products. Customer orders will be collected for one week. Once the order is collected, then the production process will be done by working on orders received first. Production models like this will cause problems when the number of large orders for causing production time becomes longer, causing delays in the completion of the order.
Selection of appropriate methods of production in accordance with the objectives to be important in order to minimize the problems that occur. Therefore we need a media that can provide optimal production model in accordance with the parameters or objectives to be achieved In order to determine the most optimal method, then used a rule that the priority rule inwhich there are four methods that can be used is first come first serve, the earliest due date, short processing time, and long processing time. Priority rules have been due to the nature engine owned by CV. Azaria is a work center. By using one of four methods that exist in most priority rules in accordance with the desired parameters, the production is done by CV. Azaria will run optimally.
Keywords: Scheduling, production, priority rules
Penulis: Mohammad Afreda Nizar A.
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160798

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