Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Analisis Kepuasan Pelanggan Pada Speedrocky Gym Surabaya

Abstract: Speedrocky Gym Surabaya is a company which engaged in fitness services. Based on survey, there still a problem that they still don’t have questionnaire which able to measurecustomer satisfaction against service that Speedyrocky Gym Surabaya gives. This problem creatediscrepancy between member’s expectation and member’s satisfaction. The problem also affectsthe decreasing number of total members every month and even each year Based on the existingproblems, Speedrocky Gym Surabaya requires customer satisfaction analysis application that helps in measuring the level of customer satisfaction. Applications created using gap analysis method to measure the degree to the gap between the expectations with the level of customersatisfaction, so that helps to measure the level of service of Speedrocky Gym Surabaya. Test resultshows system which created can help the company in making questionnaire also processingquestionnaire answer data from the members, so that owner can find out what his members desire. Further, this application can help owner in making decision for the next period in appropriatewith members desire so that it can increase service quality. All these things can be shown byanalysis result that it needs improvement from parking sector and employee quality.
Keyword: Satisfaction, Questionnaire, Gap Analysis
Penulis: M. Ghozali R
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160620

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