Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Analisis Kepuasan Pelanggan Pada PDAM Surya Sembada Kota Surabaya

Abstract: Regional Water Company (PDAM) Surabaya is an engaged instantion in the field of public service. One of the company's mission is to provide superior service to its customers. Thus the analysis of customer satisfaction becomes important to know whether a given service in accordance with the wishes of the customer. There is the problem based on the analysis of customer satisfaction. It is how to analyze customer satisfaction and generate a report that will be used as a repair and improvement of customer service quality. Analysis of customer satisfaction application is the solution to these problems, where the application can perform in the process of surveying, data analysis, and reporting of analytical results. Customers can fill a questionnaire online, after that the data collected will be analyzed by using a characteristics calculation system, satisfaction index, and the importance of performance analysis. the analysis results will be a reported and will be used by the management of PDAM Surabaya as an evaluation of service quality
Keywords: Analysis of Customer Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction Index, Importance Performance Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Survey
Penulis: Oktavianus Eko Pambudi Adi Nugroho
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160706

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