Abstract: Primary health care provided by the Geo Medical Clinic is an outpatient practice General Practitioners and Physician Specialist. With outpatient practice as primary health care, theadministration of outpatient become an important function in the process. The existing problems inthe system of outpatient administration is currently in the registration process still found the quest difficulty to lose the medical records of patients who have an impact on delays in the registration process, the data redundancy, and fault diagnosis of the doctor. The doctor activity that brings patient records to the cashier to make the process of further examination of patients can not be directly performed. It certainly could have an impact on the loss of medical records and patientdoes not perform the payment process. Of the problem analysis found that the use of the card inthe manufacture of patient data and medical records, and not integrated administrative systemthere is a major problem in the practice of outpatient clinic services Medika Geo. Those problemscan be overcome with the integrated applications ranging from registration until the payment. This application can assist in the registration process until the payment process, as it can help inrecording patient data and medical records and can reduce registration queues and help doctors toconsider the track record of the patient at the outpatient medical record so as to produce an accurate and easy. To process payments become computerized and integrated in order to prevent loss of data and medical records of patients and assist in making clinical report.
Keywords: Administration, Management Research and Community Service
Penulis: Ongky Anjar Yamanta
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160723

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