Powerpoint Controller using Speech Recognition

Abstract: During presentation, it is hard to maintain the slide because we need to stand in front of the room and often not able to touch the computer. The presenters need to take attention at both their voice, and body language such eye contact, facial expression, posture, gesture, and body orientation. Microsoft PowerPoint is a simple but very useful tool to create digital presentation. Even though it is simple to use, but this application required the presenter to take control while using it, such as to star the slide show or moving it to the next slide. The purpose of this research is to minimize physical contact between user and the computer during the presentation by controlling the move of the slide using voice. This research will implement the Hidden Markov Model algorithm and Sphinx-4 library.
Keywords: Hidden Markov algorithm, Sphinx-4 library, powerpoint controller, speech recognition
Penulis: Christina, Rosalina Rosalina, Raden Bagus Wahyu, Rusdianto Roestam
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170231

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