Abstract: This paper reports development an admission new students application using TOPSIS (Technique Order Preference by Similarity To Ideal Solution) method for support selection process in Karanganyar Islamic State High School (MAN Karanganyar). This method was chosen because alternative ranking focuses on the shortest distance to the positive ideal solution and longest distance to the negative ideal solution.
Software development model for this application used iterative method through stages of analysis, design, implementation and testing phases. Iterative development in this application performed with two iterations.
Testing of this application used McCall's software quality factors from the perspective of product operations that include correctness, reliability, efficiency, integrity, and usability factor. Testing on correctness factor showed that this application qualifies user requirement specification of MAN Karanganyar. Testing on reliability factor performed using Apache JMeter software and obtained the result that as many as 20 users did not experience a failure accessing applications simultaneously, whereas the "input weights" and the "calculation" pages could only be accessed by single user. Testing on efficiency factor performed using GTMetrix website, obtained grade A in the second iteration. Testing on integrity factor performed encryption on user password in the second iteration. Testing on usability factor used questionnaire of System Usability Scale (SUS) showed that the average value of SUS in the second iteration is acceptable category. Based on the testing result obtained from five operation factors, this application can be used to help in the selection of the new students at MAN Karanganyar.
Keywords: Admission; Iterative; Software Quality; TOPSIS
Penulis: Widyaningdyah Hidayati
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170168

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