Comparative Analysis of Simple Additive Weighting Method and Weighted Product Method to New Employee Recruitment Decision Support System (DSS) at PT. Warta Media Nusantara

Abstract: Issue handling of inadvertence situations in the decision-making process of recruiting new employees at PT. Warta Media Nusantara that use criteria value of interviews, field test, a psychological test and medical check-up requires Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM) as an auxiliary method of decision-making on the prospective eligible employee to be accepted in the company. There are various MADM methods, such as Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method and Weighted Product (WP) method. Both of these methods are known as the most common method used in handling MADM issues, so in this study both methods are applied to the DSS and analyzed the differences in terms of obtained results and the execution time required for each method. The results of the study of the application of SAW and WP methods in the recruitment of new employees DSS there are some differences in the results of the candidates rank order and the differences in execution time of each method. The differences in rank order of these methods are due to the effects of alternative values, weighting criteria, and the calculation method. WP method is able to provide more rigorous result than SAW method, while the difference in execution time of SAW and WP methods explains that the execution time of SAW method relatively quick because SAW calculation method has a simpler process than the process of WP calculation methods
Keywords: Simple Additive Weighting, Weighted Product, Decision Support System
Penulis: Agus Setyawan, Florentina Yuni Arini, Isa Akhlis
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170134

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