Aplikasi Pencatatan Kredit Motor Yamaha Pada PT. Mega Auto Finance (MAF) Sidoarjo

Abstract: PT. Mega Auto Finance (MAF) is a leasing company which provides a loan service to purchase Yamaha motorcycles. The process of this services includes the recording of customer’saddresses, and phone number, the loan applications, the agreement of the loan applications andthe loan repayment installments which would be given to the collector. The company needs toperform the data in order to avoid delay in the process of the loan’s agreements, creating the list of customer’s debt reports and decreasing the time in searching the data.
The process of the loan application data must be done quickly by creating an application for recording the loan service records. This application which has been made is expected to be able tomanage customer’s data which could change anytime, decreasing the time in the loan’s agreement processes and recording the payment of installments to facilitate the making of payment reports. The payment reports would be made as same as the customer’s data, so the company could provide the custome’s data and debts to the collector accurately.
An application which has been made could manage the recording of customer’s data records, the motorcycles, the application of the loan, the approvals of the loan, the payments of the loan andmake the loan payments and debt reports, so it could help the company in improving their services.
Keywords: Credit Application, Application, Data Management
Penulis: Dimas Priambodo
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160757

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