The Influence of Sheet Metal Forming on The Axial Crushing Analysis of Top–Hat Columns

Abstract: Reducing the rate of casualty in the crash events is always on the top priority of car manufacturers and customers. It is therefore necessary to makeaccurate predictions of car structural behavior during the crash events. Toachieve this goal, the axial crushing behavior of the thin-walled top hat columnneeds to be understood thoroughly so that the crashworthiness performance ofthe column can be predicted accurately. The effect of sheet metal forming should be considered since many car crashworthiness components are fabricated by sheet metal forming. This paper presents a numerical study to investigate sheetmetal forming effects such as: thickness distribution, residual stress and plasticstrain change to the crushing force characteristics of the top-hat columns. First,the design of the top-hat column was generated by using deep drawing forming process simulation. Then, the forming parameters (geometry, residual stress,plastic strain, thickness distribution) were transferred to the non-linear finiteelement dynamic analysis model. The axial crushing simulations for the top-hatcolumn with forming parameters were then performed and analyzed. The results showed that the sheet metal forming has a considerable effect on the crushbehavior and performance of the thin-walled top-hat columns.
Kata kunci: axial crush; crashworthiness; deep drawing; sheet metal forming
Author: Le Hoai Tam, Sigit P. Santosa, Leonardo Gunawan, Annisa Jusuf
Journal Code: jptmesingg160010

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