Simulation and optimization of logistics distribution for an engine production line

Abstract: In order to analyze and study the factors about Logistics distribution system, solve the problems of out of stock on the production line and improve the efficiency of the assembly line.
Design/methodology/approach: Using the method of industrial engineering, put forward the optimization scheme of distribution system. The simulation model of logistics distribution system for engine assembly line was build based on Witness software.
Findings: The optimization plan is efficient to improve Logistics distribution efficiency, production of assembly line efficiency and reduce the storage of production line
Originality/value: Based on the study of the modeling and simulation of engine production logistics distribution system, the result reflects some influence factors about production logistics system, which has reference value to improving the efficiency of the production line.
Keywords: production logistics, engine assembly line, distribution rules, simulation, optimization
Author: Lijun Song, Shanying Jin, Pengfei Tang
Journal Code: jptindustrigg160018

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