Resource scheduling of workflow multi-instance migration based on the shuffled leapfrog algorithm

Abstract: When the workflow changed, resource scheduling optimization in the process of the current running instance migration has become a hot issue in current workflow flexible research; purpose of the article is to investigate the resource scheduling problem of workflow multi-instance migration.
Design/methodology/approach: The time and cost relationships between activities and resources in workflow instance migration process are analyzed and a resource scheduling optimization model in the process of workflow instance migration is set up; Research is performed on resource scheduling optimization in workflow multi-instance migration, leapfrog algorithm is adopted to obtain the optimal resource scheduling scheme. An example is given to verify the validity of the model and the algorithm.
Findings: under the constraints of resource cost and quantity, an optimal resource scheduling scheme for workflow migration is found, ensuring a minimal running time and optimal cost.
Keywords: multi-instance migration, resource scheduling, leapfrog algorithm
Author: Yang Mingshun, Gao Xinqin, Cao Yuan, Liu Yong, Li Yan
Journal Code: jptindustrigg150052

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