Rekayasa Ulang Komponen Mekanis Sistem Turbin Air

Abstract: This paper presents a reverse engineering process for mechanical parts of a hydro turbine system. The parts underreverse engineering (RE) are faceplates and bushings. A glance of reverse engineering process is also presentedbased on the case study. The key to reverse engineering process is determining the key properties of material.Based on the analysis, there are several material properties that would be used for the comparison with theoriginal equipment.The comparison of the final products with the original components shows that faceplates and bushings manufactured from reverse engineering are equivalent to the original components.
Keywords: reverse engineering, mechanical parts, hydro turbine
Penulis: Nofirman Firdaus, Usdek Panjaitan, Bambang Teguh Prasetyo
Kode Jurnal: jptmesindd160593

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