Proposition of a modeling and an analysis methodology of integrated reverse logistics chain in the direct chain

Abstract: Propose a modeling and analysis methodology based on the combination of Bayesian networks and Petri networks of the reverse logistics integrated the direct supply chain.
Design/methodology/approach: Network modeling by combining Petri and Bayesian network.
Findings: Modeling with Bayesian network complimented with Petri network to break the cycle problem in the Bayesian network.
Research limitations/implications: Demands are independent from returns.
Practical implications: Model can only be used on nonperishable products.
Social implications: Legislation aspects: Recycling laws; Protection of environment; Client satisfaction via after sale service.
Originality/value: Bayesian network with a cycle combined with the Petri Network.
Keywords: reverse logistics, processes, graphical modeling, uncertainty, Petri network, Bayesian Network
Author: Faycal Mimouni, Abdellah Abouabdellah
Journal Code: jptindustrigg160024

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