Perbaikan Tata Letak Gudang Produk Setengah Jadi CV Harapan Baru Menggunakan Metode Class Based Storage

Abstract: CV Harapan Baru is a company engaged in the field of printing. In the warehouse,, there is a warehouse for raw materials and warehouse for semi-finished products. After printing, semi-finished products are taken by the publisher and the publisher entered into a binder. In observations of allocating semi-finished products , company conducts random storage that resulting length of the operator in making semi-finished products to be distributed to publishers. Therefore, the repairs warehouse layout semi-finished product using Based Storage Class Method to be effective in making decision. In this study, the Class Storage Based method in the placement of semi-finished products made of grouping based on the book publisher. With this method, the operator can perform retrieval semi-finished products with ease and warehouse cleanly. The improvement warehouse layout can reduce material handling costs which originally amounted Rp300,000,000.00 to Rp 202,488,104.00 per year.
Keywords: Semi-Finished Products, Class Based Storage, Warehouse, LKS, Printing
Penulis: Ardacandra Faisal Pinasthika, Eva Kholisoh, Nur Azizah Rahmadani
Kode Jurnal: jptindustridd160429

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