Abstract: Pollution levels over time has been increased. One of the causes of the pollution are Internal combustion engine vehicle. In Indonesia, the air pollution produced by motor vehicles approximately 55micrograms per cubic meter CO2. One of the solution to overcome the pollution problem is to create environmentally friendly vehicles using electric motor. In this paper will discuss about the design of a concept of environmentally friendly personal vehicle, which is used 3 wheel and can carry a single passenger. The process is design using the CAD software in three dimensional design, then static analysiswas conducted using FEA to produce the maximum stress and the critical location due to the load from the design of the vehicle.
Keywords: Frame, stress analysis, prototype electric vehicle
Penulis: Didi Widya Utama, Jan Antonius dan R. Danardono A.S
Kode Jurnal: jptmesindd140641

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