Abstract: A prototype of homemade furnace was built and the highest temperature it can reach during the trial process is approximately 400OC. Beside liquid metal, the furnace also produced exhaust gas as a side product. The exhaust gas is still hot. Hot gas can be used to improve the furnace’s temperaturebased on blast furnace method. To apply this method, the furnace should be companied with cowper. Indesigning cowper, several parameters should be notice. The parameters are hot gas temperature, airflow direction, and its movement ability with the furnace. Hot gas temperature will determine the number of heat absorber layers. The direction of the air flow will determine the cowper construction.Movement ability is associated with space. The design is made based on VDI 2221. The cowper designconcept is cowper to store hot gas made of ramming refectories with its outer diameter similar to oiltank and the movement mechanism only applied for migration.
Keywords: Cowper, furnace, exhaust gas, air flow direction, refectories
Penulis: Yoska Octaviano, Yusep Mujalis, Benny Siantury, Tono Sukarnoto dan Rianti Dewi Sulamet-Ariobimo
Kode Jurnal: jptmesindd140640

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