Abstract: Automation is a technology that can be used to implement an instructional process or an automatic procedures. In this framework that has been using an instructional program that combinedwith a control system to process an instruction or commands. This processing module is a part of theautomation engine which checking a process simulation of hollow and not hollow objects, then a PLC isto be needed to control all of the working processing modules systems which system works as you want.To control a working system, a programming language that easily to be understood is needed such asfunctional block diagram (FBD) which functional block diagram (FBD) is a method that can describe afunction between input and output variable, in FBD there is a Sequential Function Chart method (SFC) which control the program sequential activity. So this research discusses the control of processing module which using FBD programming language by using the SFC method.
Keywords: Automation, Processing Module, Programmable Logic Controllers, Sequential Function Chart
Penulis: Suhendra, Agus Halim dan Soeharsono
Kode Jurnal: jptmesindd140642

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