Pengenalan Ababil: Program Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 3-Dimensi Untuk Struktur Rangka-Batang

Abstract: Ababil is an open source computer program working on the basis offinite element method (FEM) which is aimed to analyze frame structures. It is mainly designed as a solver without embedded pre-or/and post-processing units. Recently, the solver is compatible only for reading and writing in the Gmsh [1] pre- and post-processing software environment. The FEM kinematics formulation applied here is relied on the Timoshenko Beam Theory (TBT) using linear shape function. Finally, the well-known FEM software MSC.Nastranis used to ensure the capability of Ababil in the prediction of frame deformation by means of FEMsimulation
Keywords: Ababil,open source, finite element, frame, Gmsh, Timoshenko BeamTheory (TBT)
Penulis: Sugeng Waluyo
Kode Jurnal: jptindustridd110158

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