ABSTRAK: The growth of Internet users both in the world and Asia give a big opportunities to develop Ecommerce in Indonesia, create more Online Shops. Through the early research in the form of questionaire and interview, Online Shops have many challanges not only from competitors but also from the environment condition, Rupiah to United States Dollar rates, and also the supply condition or supplier when supplying products. To support the Online Shops in making decisions, designed a model using Fuzzy Inference System with Mamdani because, it is intuitive and work well with human input, the model designed using MATLAB application, and for the inputs we will be using Stock Condition, Demand Prediction from hystorical data, Ruiah to US Dollar rates, and Supply condition, and for the outputs there will be Add stocks policy, promotional policy, contract with other supplier policy and price adaptation policy, for the rules we will be using the if the rules. The Models will be verified and validated with help from “Ikelashop” owner, the verification process will test if the rules given, give outputs as designed, for the validation will be using Extreme Combination Test, or using extreme combination between condition, face validity with help from expert to validate the outputs from Extreme Combination Test, and Turing Test with comparing between model’s output and expert decision. The result are two types of Decision Support Model for marketing, Critical Model and Non Critical Model that is not affected by Rupiah to Dollar Rates, already verified and validated.
Kata Kunci: Marketing, Model Design, Decision Support System, Fuzzy Inference System
Penulis: Michael Setiawan, Triwulandari SD, Pudji Astuti
Kode Jurnal: jptindustridd160225

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