Investigation on the Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Recycled Concrete

Abstract: The flexural strength of conventional concrete material is known to be enhanced by incorporating a moderate volume-fraction of randomly distributed fibers. However, there is limited information on describing the influence of fiber volume-fraction on the compressive and flexural strength of recycled coarse aggregate concrete (RCA-C) material. This paper reports on experimental test results of the RCA-C material replaced with 0, 30, 50 and 100% recycled aggregate and 0, 0.5, 1 and 1.5% steel fiber volume fraction. Three-point flexural tests of notched prism specimens were completed. The mechanical properties in compression were characterized using cube specimens. Significant improvement in compressive and flexural strength of RCA-C was found as fiber content increased from 0 to 1.5%. The experimental test results of RCA-C were further evaluated to investigate the influence of fiber content on flexural toughness. According to test results, the addition of steel fibers to RCA-C material appreciably increased the flexural toughness.
Keywords: Recycled Concrete, Recycled Aggregate, Steel Fiber, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Toughness
Penulis: Hasan Jalilifar, Fatholla Sajedi, Sadegh Kazemi
Journal Code: jptsipilgg160010

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