Finite Element Analysis of Load Bearing Capacity of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Subjected to Cyclic Loading

Abstract: Many methods have been developed in order to study the impact behavior of solids and structures. Two common methods are finite element and experimental method. The nonlinear finite element method is one the most effective methods of predicting the behavior of RC beams from zero-load to failure and its fracture, yield and ultimate strengths. The advantage of this method is its ability to make this prediction for all sections of the assessed RC beam and all stages of loading. This paper compares the experimental results obtained for a RC frame with the numerical results calculated by ABAQUS software, and plots both sets of results as hysteresis–displacement diagrams. This comparison shows that the numerical FEM implemented via ABAQUS software produce valid and reliable results for load bearing capacity of RC frames subjected to cyclic loads, and therefore has significant cost and time efficiency advantages over the alternative approach
Keywords: ABAQUS; Reinforced Concrete Frame; Displacement Force Diagrams; Pushover Analysis
Penulis: Mahdi Bamdad, Abdolreza Sarvghad Moghadam, Mohammad Javad Mehrani
Kode Jurnal: jptsipilgg160024

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