Desain Dan Analisis Kekuatan Clamp External Fixation Untuk Tulang Tibia Dengan Metode Finite Element

Abstract: An external fixation is a device placed outside the skin which the bone fragments through wires or pins connected to one or more longitudinal bars. One of  external fixation part is clamp that is used to connect rods and pins. Clamp design must be tested. Testing standard and material specification  for external fixation is ASTM F 1541-02. Testing method can be used  finite elements analysis software. Result of this test can show the streght of this devices before real testing. Axial force that use to make this clamp enter to yield condition is 70,8 N. Displacement of input platen is 0,1473 mm
keyword: Clamp, External Fixation, finite element analysis, tibial bones
Penulis: Krisdiyanto, Suyitno
Kode Jurnal: jptmesindd160677

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