Cost optimization and sensitivity analysis of composite beams

Abstract: This study presents exact solution analysis for the cost optimization of Composite Beams (CB) based on the Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) specifications. Matlab code formulation is applied to analysis of sensitivity for various parameters such as cost of concrete, steel beam, span length, concrete slab thickness, compressive strength of concrete, steel beams space and shear connectors on CB. Almost 20 thousands design were analysed to obtain various contour which be found that it is feasible, efficient and effective and capable in optimization of composite beam designs.
The obtained results represent that many of the contour are capable by achieving substantial cost savings for composite materials. Therefore, the analysis can be developed for practical designs to structural designers. A parametric study was also conducted to investigate the effects of IPE, IPB, INP profiles, UNP size and thickness of slabs and beam length on the cost optimization of CB.
Keywords: Composite Beam;Cost Optimization; Sensitivity Analysis
Author: Hamid Eskandari, Tahereh Korouzhdeh
Journal Code: jptsipilgg160012

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