Comparison of heuristics for an economic lot scheduling problem with deliberated coproduction

Abstract: We built on the Economic Lot Scheduling Problem Scheduling (ELSP) literature by making some modifications in order to introduce new constraints which had not been thoroughly studied with a view to simulating specific real situations. Specifically, our aim is to propose and simulate different scheduling policies for a new ELSP variant: Deliberated Coproduction. This problem comprises a product system in an ELSP environment in which we may choose if more than one product can be produced on the machine at a given time. We expressly consider the option of coproducing two products whose demand is not substitutable. In order to draw conclusions, a simulation model and its results were developed in the article by employing modified Bomberger data which include two items that could be produced simultaneously.
Keywords: ELSP, coproduction, simulation, heuristics
Penulis: Pilar I. Vidal-Carreras, Jose P. Garcia-Sabater
Journal Code: jptindustrigg090008

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