Atmospheric Corrosion of Galvanized Low-Carbon Steel at Rural, City, and Industrial area in Bandar Lampung

Abstract: This research conducted to continue the previous study about atmospheric corrosion phenomenon on uncoated low carbon steel at Lampung Province, where it using coated low carbon steel. The atmospheric corrosion rate at Lampung Province are 152.910 g/m2/y at rural area, 267.593 g/m2/y at city, and 420,503 g/m2/y for industrial are. Based on ISO category, the atmospheric corrosion rate is C2 at rural, C3 at city and C4 at industrial area. Coating processes of low carbon steel can decreased the atmospheric corrosion rate about 172.023 g/m2/year or 39% at rural, and 91.746 g/m2/year or 18% at industrial area.
Keywords: Galvanized, low carbon steel, atmospheric corrosion, corrosion rate
Author: Khairul Ummah, Abdul Azis Muslim
Journal Code: jptmesingg160003

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