An Examination of Crash Severity Differences Between Male and Female Drivers, Using Logistic Regression Model

Abstract: One person in every 2539 people gets killed and one in every 253 suffers injuries due to driving crashes each year in Iran. Such that driving incidents are second rank factor of death and the first rank reason for lost lifetimes in this country. 60% of total incidents which lead to deaths or injuries are actually driving incidents in Iran. That is while the same ratio is only 25% worldwide average. In this article, we report a probabilistic relationship between vehicle drivers’ gender and severity of the accidents. The model accuracy rate is more than 91%. Coefficient values show that if an crash happens and all other variables are under control, the probability of suffering injuries for a man is 1.597 times more than for a woman (1.40 – 1.79, 99% CI) in comparison with the case that the person does not get injured at all. Similarly, the probability of death for a man is 1.462 times higher than for a woman (1.13-1.79, 90% CI) again in comparison with case of no injury at all.
Keywords: Gender, Road Crashes, Crash Severity, Logistic Regression
Author: Alireza Pakgohar, Mojtaba Kazemi
Journal Code: jptsipilgg150030

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