An estimate of maintenance efficiency in Brown-Proschan imperfect repair model with bathtub failure intensity

Abstract: Estimate the maintenance efficiency in the Brown-Proschan model with the bathtub failure intensity.
Design/methodology/approach: Empirical research through which we propose a framework to establish the characteristics of failure process and its influence on maintenance process.
Findings: The main contribution of the present study is the reformulation of the Brown and Proschan model using the bathtub failure intensity
Practical implications: Our model is defined by BP reformulation one using bathtub failure intensity. This form of intensity is presented like superposition of two NHPP and Homogeneous Poisson one.
Originality/value: This is the follow on research on the study that employed the power-law-process type of failure intensity.
Keywords: repairable system, reliability, bathtub failure intensity, virtual age, imperfect maintenance, estimation, likelihood
Author: Makram Krit, Abdelwaheb Rebai
Journal Code: jptindustrigg120008

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