Abstract: This study based on the problem experienced by 20 students of Senior High School PGRI Pagelaran who have negative self concept. In order to enhace students’ self concept, the researcher tries to use pychodrama technique for investigating group guidance service. It is a solution to improve students’ self concept. This study employs pre-experimental Pretest post-test One Group Design. This study was conducted at the X class of Senior High School PGRI Pagelaran in accademic year 2013/2014. The research subject are 20students. Hypothesis testing was applied by comparing the average score of pre-test andpost-test, and the T test was consulted with value of T Table at significant level 1% and d.b.= N-1=20-1=19. The result shows that the use of psychodrama technique can improve self concept. The result was proven by significant change of average score pretest and post test which treated psychodrama technique is 67.5 change into 89.85 or t (o) = 8,196 > t (t) = 2,861, therefore Ho rejected and Ha accepted.
Keywords: psychodrama, self concept
Penulis: Nurfaizal
Kode Jurnal: jpbkdd160504

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