Abstract: ”Bus Patas” is one means of urban transport that is used by people who want to Probolinggo poor or vice versa, its existence is a potential to be served because of theactivities that are often carried out by people such as trade, education, social, cultural andothers. As a means of transportation bus patas not be separated from the issues affecting theperformance of services. Hiatus seat, passenger numbers increased on busy days, the sharpening competition among the fleet on the same route, is an indication of whereconditions require patas bus transportation performance evaluation. There should be a studyto determine the level of performance of freight, transport and analysis needs to strike abalance between demand and supply at the moment.This refers to the evaluation study on the performance parameters issued by theDirectorate General of Land Transportation.
The evaluation results known load factor average for these Probolinggo-Malang is 0.78, the speed of the average travel routes Probolinggo-Malang 45.66 km / h, headway route  Probolinggo-Malang 30.30 minutes, travel time average for these Probolinggo-Malang at 1:31 min / km and the value of the frequency for Probolinggo-Malang route for 1.98 veh / hour. And the results of the analysis of the balance between supply and demand obtained the required fleet needs today is 40 fleet.
Keywords: public transport, service indicator, total fleet
Penulis: Andi Syaiful A.
Kode Jurnal: jptsipildd130598

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