Counseling Services Based Research to Improve the Quality of Learning Through Counseling

Abstract: The purpose of writing this article is to describe the subject of study and reason as wellas research-based counseling service management. Counseling services based on research carriedout to improve the quality of learning through counseling. The discussion of this article are (1) thebackground of the counseling service based research, (2) understanding the tasks and activities of counseling teacher or counselor, (3) reason for the existence of counseling in education, (4) the differences and similarities counseling services with research PTK-BK, (5) the motivations andgoals of research-based counseling services, and (6) management of research-based counselingservices. Among the benefits of this article is to (1) raise awareness counseling teacher or counselorabout the importance of developing a counseling service that is integrated with the research, (2) develop a research culture for counseling teacher/ counselor, (3) encourage educational institutions both school/ madrasah/ pesantren for developing research-based counseling services, (4) encourage universities that provide education academic and professional counseling to develop research activities and community service through mentoring research-based counseling services.
Keywords: counseling services; research; quality of learning; PTK-BK
Penulis: Ardimen
Kode Jurnal: jpbkdd160550

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