Abstract: This article describes the principles and methods of early childhood education. The first discussions will start from the understanding of children,early childhood and early childhood education principles, urgency and methodsof application. Early childhood education is education before primary education which is an approach to development that is intended for children from birth to the age of six. This education is done through the provision of education to help the growth stimuli entering further education, which was held in formal, nonformal and informal. In early childhood education methods are needed in order tostudy the effects and on target. Learning in early childhood requires unique andcreative methodology. The role of a teacher is needed in educating children andexplores the potential of students. From here teachers in early childhood education is seen not only as caregivers and counselors, but the teacher is required to meetthe standards of the teaching profession. Children’s education must begin from anearly age, Islam emphasizes education begins since a child is born; it is based on the teaching of the Prophet told his community that advocates for azan when thenew baby is born.
Keywords: Principles, Methods, early childhood
Penulis: Ahmad Atabik dan Ahmad Burhanuddin
Kode Jurnal: jppaudsddd151635

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