ABSTRACT: Early Childhood Education becomes a very important phase of education. Phase which will color the world of children’s cognitive thinking. In this phase of brain development in children achieve the remarkable level, which in this phase the child reaches the golden era (golden age) so that the child is able to develop the power of perception based on what is seen, heard and felt, so that the child will have a thorough understanding and comprehensive. From that some figures such as Jerrome Brunner, Ausabel and Jean Piaget contributed cognitive learning style and thinking according to each, According to Jerome Bruner in the learning process is more determined how the teacher is able to organize learning according to the student’s learning style. The students are learning according to Ausubel must be “meaningful” (meaningfull). Meaningful learning is a process where new information, in which new information is associated with the structure of the relevant concepts, cognitive structure that is already owned by someone learners. Meanwhile, according to Jean Piaget every child develops the capacity to think  in an orderly phase. At a certain stage of development will emerge schemes or certain cognitive structures whose success at each stage is highly dependent on the previous stage. Of the three characters are interrelated and complementary. Third application of the above theory in PAI learning, especially for young children, a teacher needs to know in depth protege start developmentally age, style of learning styles, as well as in packaging materials must be meaningful, it means to have linkages with prior knowledge of children, use of media educative abstract to stimulate the understanding, delivery of content delivered ranging from the simple to the complex, the learning process needs to be developed based activities, etc. Through these principles is expected socio-emotional development, intelligence and personality of children will grow up.
KEYWORDS: Education, Early Childhood, Cognitive
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