The Effcacy of Zinc for Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis

Abstract: to investigate the efficacy of zinc supplementation in chronic prostatitis treatment. Methods: present randomized clinical trial was conducted on 120 patients with diagnosis of chronic prostatitis (IIIA NIH) after preliminary evaluation and ruling out other conditions. The study group received oral zinc sulfate 220 mg daily as capsule without any other supplements. The control group received placebo. Subjects were examined for NIH-CPSI scores every 4 weeks for 12 weeks. Results: 101 subjects completed the study. There were no statistically signifcant differences in scores and sub-scores of NIH-CPSI between groups before intervention. Decline in the score and sub-scores were more prominent in case group after beginning of the study; though the differences were not statistically signifcant. Furthermore, the differences in total score and pain score at 12 weeks follow was statistically signifcant (p=0.003 and p=0.02, respectively). Conclusion: zinc supplements may beneft in management of patients with chronic prostatitis NIH-IIIA. It can be attributable to anti-bacterial and immuno-modulatory functions of organic zinc in the body.
Key words: prostatitis, zinc, irritative urinary symptoms, obstructive symptoms, placebo
Author: Davoud Goodarzi, Ali Cyrus, Mohmoud R. Baghinia, Amir M. Kazemifar, M. Shirincar
Journal Code: jpkedokterangg130269

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